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A guide to purchase your commercial refrigeration system

Are you tired of disposing of foods due to spoilage? Is your current refrigerator small for your growing business? Whatever your issue is, deciding to purchase a commercial refrigeration system gives the solution to all these problems.

The only difficulty that most buyers face is that of selecting the best display refrigerators among the models available. However, making a choice shouldn’t be a thing to bring a lot of distress. With an idea of what to consider, you can have an easy time shopping for your system. Have a look at the coverage below as I have some tips to enable you to make a quick and right purchase.

1. Purpose

To begin with, you need to answer the question; why do I need a refrigeration system? Note that different businesses have different needs. Some need large cold storage areas to store their perishables when others do not need much space. For instance, if you deal with large stocks of meat, you cannot get a fridge that accommodates smaller perishables such as drinks. Therefore, decide on the foods you need to store in these freezers and lets them guide you to a suitable unit.

Another point you need to consider under purpose is; will the unit I purchase fulfill my desire to display foods attractively? Goods units shouldn’t fill up to the point that a customer cannot access products at the end of the refrigerator. Hence, only get a unit that fits seems to accomplish its purpose. If customers should get the foods out of the unit by themselves, they shouldn’t face any difficulty doing so.


2. Energy efficiency

How energy efficient is this unit? It is a question that you need to cover while getting a commercial refrigerator. Good coolers should not bring about high energy bills at a month’s end due to a high power consumption. Look for freezers that save energy, as this will enable your business to incur fewer energy bills. You can search for a label on the unit that relates to energy efficiency. Most of these appliances come with a star rating or a power consumption figure, regarding kilowatts. Consider purchasing a unit with a low-kilowatts per hour figure or one with more stars. After all, there is no point buying a commercial fridge that will consume much power but still give the same result with that that consumes less power.

3. Reliability

Can you place your reliance on your commercial refrigerator? It is another issue that you need to address during your purchase. You need to get a unit that will have less or no issues at all. It is not worth having a refrigerator where you store foods stuff, yet keep losing many foods due to spoilage.

Search for a cooling unit that can store all food stuff with no fear of them getting spoilt. Moreover, the unit should serve you for a long time, because buying this unit is expensive. Research online, and consider buying top-rated units, based on previous customer reviews. Such a measure can help you to get a refrigerator that is worth your hard earned money.

4. Current versus long term costs

The last tip that I can offer you is that you consider the initial cost of purchasing this unit, as well as the cost you expect to incur in the long run. Some commercial cooling units will have low upfront costs, but you will spend much more when it comes to running and maintaining these appliances.

Therefore, mind about the amount it will cost you in the long term as well as what you will pay to acquire the freezer. The best choice that you can make is to spend more now but pay less later. So, let not the low cost attract you to get a low-quality refrigerator, but stick to one with superior quality and one you expect to run and maintain with much fewer expenses.

That said, I hope that you will heed to the tips mentioned above as you search for the right commercial refrigeration unit. By doing so, you can remain assured to get a cooler that fully satisfies your needs while avoiding high expenses in the long run.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Installing Glass Pool Fences


Glass pool fencing is becoming one of the most desired fencing solutions. It is mostly admired because of its appearance. It usually contains a classy and fancy look. However, it is not until the last few years that people have fully accepted to install glass fences around their pools.

People thought that the glass was too delicate and expensive to fit their budget. Today, things have changed, and people have been able to acquire a lot of information about pool fencing. It has made this glass solution to become famous. The homeowners have learned that glass installation around your pool is extremely durable and affordable.

fencing increases safety around the pool

Here are reasons why you need to install glass pool fencing.

• Durable

You would not think that glass pool fencing is durable. But this type of fencing is made from hardened glass and if well maintained and cared for, and it can stay for many years without getting damaged. Glass can be one of your greatest investments since it does not rust, rot and requires less maintenance. It is not like other materials such as wood and steel since it does not deteriorate and endures salt water.

• It is appealing

The primary benefit of glass pool fencing is the appeal that it gives to a home. It makes a home to appear classy and attractive. This kind of fencing is found to match almost every type of homes design style. Glass fencing is considered a modern style. It is a greater option compared to tubular and wooden fences. Glass fencing will make the area surrounding your pool to appear stylish and fancy.

• Security

Every type of fencing provides a sense of security. However, glass fencing allows the residents to see through the pool. Because the glass is transparent, it can be blended into any finishing or decor. The glass pool fencing can be able to complement the style of your property. Glass fencing provides security since you can be able to see every corner of the pool and detect any danger. If you are located in WA, find more about the local regulations here.

• Safety

Glass pool fencing offers some security benefits. This kind of fencing allows the parent to be able to keep an eye on their children when playing in the area surrounding the pool. Glass fencing does not have leverages or footholds that can allow your kids to climb or get access to the pool. When children are allowed to get access to the pool area without supervision, it can lead to more serious issues. Glass panel used in the fencing have been toughened with a thickness to avoid breakage that can harm people. As such, unless you put a lot of force on the glass, it cannot break.

• It is easy to maintain

You would not want to put a fence that makes your home to look dull. Glass fencing makes your home to look attractive and charming. You need to ensure that your pool remains clean as well as the fence. Glass pool walls are simple to clean and maintain. The only thing that you require for cleaning is a hose to dust off the glass panel and clean the dirt.

• It creates a sense of space

This kind of glass fencing provides a sense of more space. According to many homeowners who have opted for glass fencing, this solution makes the yard to look larger. You can also decide to do glass fencing for your entire home making it appear beautiful and classy.

• It adds value to your home

If you are building a home for sale, it is advisable that you make it attractive to the buyer. If the home has a pool, ensure that you fence it with glass to add to the beauty of the home. Customers will tend to be attracted to nicely decorated homes. Surrounding your pool with glass will increase the value to your home.

a balinese pool decoration

Common Cleaning Do’s and Dont’s


You know those days that you spend hours cleaning all those nooks and crannies and are rewarded with a sparkling clean home. We all feel so good that we are now in a germ-free environment and can sit back and relax.

Unfortunately, there are things we use to clean with or ways that we clean in which that so-called super clean home is not.
Did you know your cleaning sponge is loaded with germs and bacteria? Is it well over 200,000 times dirtier than your toilet? There are steps that everyone takes, but it’s not giving you the right clean you are looking for.

How About Your Cleaning Tools:


toilet cleaningSponges like other tools must be cleaned before they can properly do their job of cleaning. There’s a easy way to make sure that sponge is up to par. Wet down your sponge and place it in your microwave for a few minutes, it will sanitise the sponge making it ready to use.

Let’s face it; brooms get loaded down with dust, dirt, pet hair, etc. Take your broom outside and shake it like you would an area rug. If stuff still clings to it, use your vacuum hose to pull out the stubborn stuff. Once done, place your broom and soak it in a combination of water, soap and bleach then let it dry out. Do these steps at the end of cleaning, and it will be ready for the next cleaning day.


Just remove them from the handles and put them in your washing machine. If you have a feather duster, wash by hand otherwise, the feathers can become matted and damaged. With all the new products out there, purchase dusters that have disposable sheets that you change with each use.

Vacuum Cleaner:

Vacuum cleaners have all sorts of stuff that just linger within the rollers, the canisters, etc. Rinse the canister with soap and water, clean out the filter and wash by hand and always empty your canister after each use. Some vacuums you can remove the brushes and clean them or clean them in place, follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Never leave stuff behind. Build up of stuff, over time will damage your vacuum.

The Toilet Brush:

After use, rinse off and place in a mixture of bleach and water. After soaking for a while, let it dry out.

Proper Dusting:

When dusting, be sure and get those out-of-sight areas even if you don’t feel up to it. Dust, over time, can build to an unhealthy level. Whether you are allergic to dust or not, dust build-up will take a toll on your immune system and your entire body. If you have pets and carpet, this level of dust will be even greater. So, as much as you might want to overlook this task, do it anyway, it’s healthier.

Spray Cleaners:

sticky toothpaste removalI would say most of us, at one time or another, have taken that spray cleaner and sprayed directly on the surface we are cleaning. Well, experts will tell you never do that. It wastes the product and can damage the surface of what you are cleaning. You should take a clean, dry cloth and spray the cleaner on the cloth, then clean your surface or object.


Clean your windows on a cloudy day. When the sun is streaming in, it causes the window cleaner to dry way too fast and will cause streaking.


These products are usually used in kitchens or bathrooms to perform a much deeper cleaning job. Always read and follow the instructions on the product. These products will say how long the disinfectant should remain on the surface and how much you should apply. Before using a disinfectant, clean with an all-purpose cleaner first to remove any surface dirt and grime then apply the disinfectant.

6 Reasons To Offer Wooden Toys This Winter Season


If you’re looking for unique gifts for the little ones in your life this Christmas, look no further than wooden toys. These traditional children’s toys are making a comeback of late, and it’s easy to see why. A wooden toy is an unusual gift that a child can enjoy for months or even years. Here are just some of the reasons wooden toys are such a good choice this winter season:

1. Kind To The Environment

Many toys are made of plastic or have disposable parts which don’t last. Wooden toys, on the other hand, are made to last and last. With no toxic chemicals or plastics, these toys are kind to the environment and kind to their young recipients, too.

If you want to be even more environmentally friendly, you can look for eco wooden toys that are made from recycled, reclaimed, or carefully managed wood. These toys are a sustainable choice for the environment, while still providing hours of fun for their young owners.

2. Encourages Imaginative Play

Imaginative play is so important for children at every stage. The best toys are the ones that encourage imagination, role play, and storytelling. Wooden toys don’t come with a set of instructions or rules to follow. Instead, children are free to use the toys to dream up endless games and scenarios for truly imaginative play – the only limit is their imagination!

3. Children Can Learn While They Play


As well as being great fun to play with, eco wooden toys are also an excellent learning aid. From building towers and shapes out of coloured blocks to learning to count and sort, wooden toys offer a wealth of opportunities to learn. Children will benefit from practising motor skills, sorting, reasoning and logic, and have fun at the same time.

4. Built To Last

Some modern toys just don’t seem built to last. From broken pieces to lost batteries or mislaid accessories, new toys can quickly become obsolete. Not so wooden toys! Traditional wooden toys are sturdy and built to stand the test of time, giving children hours of fun and play for months and years to come.

5. Invites Friendship and Cooperation

Toys with a lot of sounds, voices, lights and so on encourage children to play by themselves. Wooden toys, on the other hand, encourage children to get together with their friends to create imaginative scenarios and make up stories. They offer a much more social experience than modern toys and build a social skill that a child can use for life.

6. Grows With Each Child

Wooden toys don’t have an upper age limit. Young children and toddlers can enjoy the smooth, tactile shapes and bright colours. As they grow, children can use the toys for more imaginative play. Older children yet can use them to learn math or problem solving. No matter what their age, wooden toys have something to offer.

If you’re looking for a unique gift that will last this winter, eco wooden toys are the ideal choice for the children of all ages in your life.

How To Prevent Pests Invading Your Garden


Pests such as rodents and insects are not something that you will want to see in your garden. Different types of pests will invade your garden at different times of the year, but there are steps that you can take all year round to make your garden less attractive to pests.

Don’t Leave Rubbish To Build Up

All sorts of pests will be attracted to the smell that decaying rubbish gives off. A pile of rubbish in your garden can attract anything from cockroaches to foxes. Ensure that all bins are sealed after you have placed garbage in them and that there is no way for pests to get in.

Keep Bird Food In A Feeder

rodents-are-a-real-threat-to-yoru-homeIf you want to feed birds over the winter months, then make sure all food is kept in a proper bird feeder. Just throwing leftover food onto the ground will attract insects and rodents as well as birds. A bird feeder that is located off the ground will help to ensure that it is only birds that are benefiting from the food that you have put out for them.

Keep Compost Covered

The smell of compost is just as attractive to pests as the smell of rubbish and so similar measures need to be taken. If you have a composting bin, then this should be kept sealed at all times so nothing can get inside it. Always make sure that the lid is on securely, and it is not just resting on the top.

Cover The Soil That Surrounds Plants

Laying a sheet of shiny foil over the soil where you have things planted is very effective at repelling pests. The polished surface is very reflective, and this can help scare off any birds that may be trying to get to your plants. If the foil is laid flat on the ground, then this can also prevent any larger pests from being able to dig around the base of your plants.

Top Five Steam Cleaners (2016)



Steam cleaning is a popular and efficient method of disinfecting surfaces, loosening stubborn dirt, and eliminating mould. It uses extremely hot jets of steam to loosen dirt and grime from surfaces, which can then be wiped away.
The cleaning is deep and efficient and can be done without the use of chemicals. Further, individuals with allergies tend to appreciate steamers for their ability to rid the home of mould and germs.

With a wide variety of products on the market, it can be difficult to determine which steamer is best suited to your needs. Here is a list of the top five steamers in 2016.

Best Steam Cleaners

5) Soniclean Handheld Steamer


soniclean-handheld-steamerThis product is a handheld steamer, perfect for touching up tough spots around the house on a variety of surfaces. It may not replace an upright steamer for cleaning large surfaces, but it is a fantastic tool for smaller areas.

It is a very light steamer, at just over 3 pounds. That means your arms will not be burning while cleaning the house. For such a small and portable steamer, it produces a surprising amount of steam. It heats in minutes and has a respectable water tank (over 200 mL), so it will perform well when cleaning bedrooms or bathrooms.

Highlight – Overheating Protection

This product has built-in overheating protection, meaning the steamer will turn off if the heat becomes too great. While this feature is excellent for preventing damage to the material being cleaned, it also provides great peace of mind knowing that it is a safe product.

4) Vileda Steam Mop


vileda-steam-mopThis mop is a bare-bones cleaner. That may sound unappealing, but many users love the simplicity of this product compared to others that boast dozens of attachments and settings. For simple cleaning of hard floors, this mop is an excellent choice for the low cost. It is an upright cleaner with a comfortable handle. It lacks the versatility of some other cleaners, but it is effective at what it does.

Highlight – Convenience

This steamer is built for simplicity and easy use. It heats in seconds and has a great 400 mL water tank for extended cleaning. An added benefit is easy storage; this steamer is thin and can be tucked away without a dock to hold it upright.

3) Hoover MaxExtract All-Terrain


hoover-maxextract-all-terrainA steamer built to handle a broad range of cleaning tasks, the MaxExtract is perfect for anyone looking to purchase one steamer to handle many surfaces. Aside from effective cleaning, this product also takes much of the work out of cleaning. For detergent users, this steamer will automatically mix the proper amount of detergent with the water. It comes equipped with a rinse feature to ensure there is no leftover detergent on the floor.

Highlight – Quality on Multiple Surfaces

With two brush settings for carpet or hard floor, this steamer can handle just about every task needed for a good house cleaning. It is especially useful for the more stubborn jobs, with a powerful and effective stream of vapour.

2) Bissel Vac & Steam


bissel-vac-steamA unique product, the Vac & Steam combines a steamer and vacuum in one convenient item. As such, users may find this to be a heavier unit. However, it is loved for being effective on carpet or floors, and for having a very comfortable ergonomic design.

Highlight – Time Saver

By combining the vacuum and steamer, this is a product that will appeal to anyone who prefers steam cleaning for hard surfaces and vacuuming for the carpet. Further, it can perform both functions at once, which provides a spotless clean for every room. As a bonus, it heats in under a minute, allowing your cleaning to start earlier and finish earlier.

1) McCulloch MC1275


mcculloch-mc1275For a well-rounded cleaner that will handle every room in the house and more, the MC1275 is an excellent choice. It has great power and delivers whether cleaning carpet, tile, furniture, counter-tops, or other surfaces. All of these surfaces can be handled in a single cleaning, as this steamer can provide 45 minutes of continuous steam. It is reasonably priced, and excellent value for the money.

Highlight – Versatility

This steam cleaner comes with ten attachments to suit every need and task. Among others, there is a squeegee, brush for upholstery and scrubbing, and a nozzle for extended reach. It is perfect for any surface, whether in the house, garage, or workplace.


Steamers are an effective way to clean a variety of surfaces without the use of chemicals. However, various steamers are better suited to different tasks. Handheld steamers are useful for smaller jobs, while heavy-duty units are ideal for dirty floors and garages. Some, like the McCulloch MC1275, can actually clean a wide variety of surfaces, which make them perfect for most buyers.

Energy Savings at Home



With oil prices rising, something we all want is to be able to save money on energy costs. There are several ways to do this, using LED light bulbs, setting the thermostat to warmer or cooler depending on the season, and making sure there aren’t any areas where the cold or warm air is escaping.

Energy savings with LED bulbs?

change-your-light-bulbsYes, you can save money with LED bulbs. LED bulbs use 1/10th of the energy that standard bulbs do, and 1/2 of the power that CFL (more commonly known as fluorescent) bulbs do.

A LED bulb pays for itself within a year after installation, and can save you 100s over the life of the bulb.

How does changing the setting of my thermostat help me with energy savings? Our climate control, our A/C and heaters, are huge consumers of energy, so by reducing how much it needs to work, energy is saved.

The recommended settings are; during the summer 78 degrees and the winter 68 degrees. If these numbers are too warm or cold for you, you can still benefit from changing your thermostat as high and as low as you can. By changing your thermostat, you’re looking at savings of 10% or more.

Avoid Leaks

Reducing leaks in our homes is something most of us don’t think about, but it’s something that needs thinking about to save energy.

Windows and doors are all weak points in how weather proof our houses are, this means that those areas are where we need to focus on keeping our climate controlled air in the house where we want it. Putting weather seals on doors that aren’t used very often is a good way to prevent air from leaking around the door.

Windows are another big one.Windows are a fraction of the thickness of the walls and glass is a better conductor then house walls. There are several ways to help prevent windows from letting the hot or cold in; one way is thermal curtains also known as blackout curtains.

A word of caution, not all blackout curtains are thermal curtains if you decide to buy blackout curtains, please make sure that they’re also thermal curtains. The next product is a film you put on the windows that help keep the sun out, and also keeps the cold from coming in during the winter.


Wash your cloth at lower temperatures!

Saving energy is possible, with a few small changes you are well on your way to saving energy.

5 Pre/Post-Election Reasons To Insulate Your Home

team of contractors insulating a room

Team of contractors insulating a room

Everyone is watching the candidates that are vying for the Oval Office. But many others are watching what is going on behind the scenes and taking advantage of things that will occur just before or after the next president will be sworn in.
This is the area this article will touch on and show you why you will want to insulate your home around this time and take advantage of the changes as a new administration takes power.

Reason #1: Look at what the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) will do to the quality and cost of Home Insulation

The prices will go down, and the quality will go up. It is due in part to new rules governing “Intellectual Property Rights”, which allow the makers to protect their products from copying and exploitation. Currently, you can buy “knockoff home Insulation from a multitude of sources. However, the president is saying the TPP will pass during the “Lame Duck Session” of Congress.
This will dry up sources of this cheap insulation that is manufactured by some the 12 signatories of the agreement. It means the current patent holders of various insulating materials will squeeze unfair competition out of the market. It will then force a drop across the board in home insulation costs and an increase in quality.

Reason #2: Labour costs will drop

thermal home insulation product

Thermal home insulation product

For the US makers of these materials, the price of labour will drop. This reduction in labour costs and the manufacturer’s savings is expected to be passed down to the consumer.
The whole idea is to shift the making of these products to venues where worker salaries are the lowest. Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, and Chile have some of the lowest wages in the world. The profits will increase for the companies, and current prices are expected to drop.

Reason #3: Import tariffs will go down for Home Insulating materials coming into the country from the 12 nation trading block

It will further lower the cost of Home Insulation. It will be as if the maker were right next store instead of in Malaysia. No adding import taxes will be assessed.
Transportation costs will drop as the amount of overhead on shipping, processing, and billing becomes simplified. Again, this is a win for you the consumer.

Reason #4: An independent tribunal will handle disputes

Many times governments interfere with trade. They use it as bargaining chips in political issues and often conflicts take years to resolve, as the case wends its way through a nation’s legal system. In some Pacific Rim countries, this lends itself to improprieties and graft.

With the TPP, a board will rule on Import/Export issues. It will streamline the flow of the needed materials to insulate your home. The price and quality of what goes into your home will benefit greatly from this simplification of issues that arise between multinational companies and host nation governments.

Reason #5: The TPP bypasses and supersedes regulations and laws that hamper “Free Trade.”

Centuries of pork-barreling and special interests have created a complicated and obsolete trade environment. It has resulted in Americans having to pay excessive costs to get things like Home Insulation.

Installation of Fiberglass Insulation

Installation of Fiberglass Insulation

These old laws have been made moot when the TPP is enacted. A follow-on pact for the Atlantic side Nations is coming online as well. (Trans-Atlantic Investment and Trade Partnership) These agreements will lower your overall insulation costs, and this means savings for you the consumer.

So, you see the Presidential Election is not just about whether a business person or the first woman will become president. Vital issues such as trade will change the landscape of our nation, and one area is the insulation of your home, which will save you big bucks.

These include tax incentives, energy costs, and making sure your home in sync with the environmental laws and regulations. Laws/rules designed to combat climate change and “Global Warming.”

Home Insulation can bring you a more comfortable home environment, as well as protect the environment for future generations. It also can have far-reaching cost benefits. So, you will want to watch for them for in the next few months leading up to and after the coming election in November.

Choosing the Right Mattress Toppers


a good night sleep

Not everyone can afford to buy a new mattress at the time that one is needed. Even if you have purchased a new bed, you may find that it is firmer or softer than you would like, or you may wish to ensure that your mattress will remain dry and germ-free. The addition of a mattress topper can help with these special needs.

Memory Foam Topper

It is the most popular type of topper by far. It is possible to buy an entirely inexpensive mattress of any variety and add significantly to its comfort level, simply by adding a layer of memory foam on top. Memory foam products are well known for their benefits to those with back problems, so adding layers of foamy comfort could be desirable. These are not too expensive and can be removed in the summer for greater coolness if desired.

One drawback of the standard memory foam pad is that it cannot be machine washed, as ordinarily, this will cause damage to the foam. One way around this problem is to purchase a cover for the pad itself as a protector. The cover can then be machine washed as needed.

Feather And Down Toppers

adding an extra layer never hurtsFeather or down toppers are another choices for night time comfort. They contain varying amounts of animal feathers or down. Depending on a number of feathers or down in the product, the mattress pad may feel either soft or firm, and either may be preferred for a good night’s sleep.

In contrast to other mattress pads, these do not retain body heat. However, allergy sufferers should steer away from mattress protectors filled with this material, as they may tend to aggravate their condition. Another reported downside of this type of topper is that repeated ruffling is needed to re-distribute the filling for use.

Bamboo Topper

get a comfortable bedThose who are concerned about sustainability or who suffer from allergies may prefer to purchase this type of mattress protector. It is quilted and frequently is designed to be fitted to the top of the mattress.

In spite of its bamboo name, the pad is quite comfortable, as it is filled with an alternative down product. Most importantly, it is hypoallergenic, something that is a significant consideration for many.

A mattress topper can serve many different functions at once. Most often it is desired for extra comfort, but modern products also help to keep the bedding dry and clean, while extending the useful life of the mattress itself. For more on mattress toppers, visit this site!


Top 3 Benefits/Advantages of Security Screens In Comparison To Burglar Bars


Break-ins can take place during any time of night or day. Intruders can execute them quietly and swiftly using tools such as pliers, hammers, crowbars … or even bricks and rocks.

Break-in statistics

avoid burglars and break insHere are some important statistics when it comes to break-ins:
Summer months record the highest number of window burglaries/break-ins
More than 95% of break-ins need some huge amount of force to break successfully in
Open windows with only a standard, locked, non0-security screen (cloth window screen) are precisely inviting to burglars/thieves because of quiet, easy and quick access
Protecting the openings around your facility’s perimeter is of utmost importance. Therefore, regarding glass protection, why should you opt for security screens in comparison to burglar bars for doors and windows?

Here are the three most important reasons that should inform such a decision:


Security screen – With its narrow sightline, it blends flawlessly and perfectly with building design — resembles a standard cloth window screen or a storm door

Burglar bars – They have a prison life feel and appearance — they give the impression that resembles high-crime areas. In the end, they reduce property value and block views to outside


Security screen – They provide simple exit option in case of an emergency such as fire

Burglar bars – Most of the burglar bar systems are usually fixed. Opening them from the inside is quite tricky. This just means that they pose a very serious life-safety risk.


Security screen – These screens are made of non-corrosive aluminium framing members

Burglar bars – Most of them are made of steel — which can corrode or rust


Security screens provide a heavy duty form of protection against many forms of entry used by criminals. In the long run, they are certainly cost effective. When compared to burglar bars, there is no doubt that security screens win hands down. Use them today to add some cushion of protection for purposes of safety in your home.

Example of a real test:

Upgrade Your Kitchen with New Cabinets


Upgrade Your Kitchen with New Cabinets

The kitchen is often the heart of your home and it is the space most often renovated and the first place a potential homeowner looks at. A great kitchen alone can sell your home, and a big part of what makes your kitchen great are the cabinets that are installed. You can upgrade your kitchen with new cabinets and here are some of the latest styles you can talk to your kitchen contractor about installing in your home.


If you want a bright coloured modern kitchen then lacquered is the way to go. These types of cabinets have multiple layers of shiny lacquer in rich colours. Wax and polish seal in the beautiful colours, it also makes them durable and very scratch resistant. However, the can chip so lacquer might not be the best choice for young families.

For the urbanite or condo dweller, they can give you a comfortable modern looking kitchen. You have endless options for colours, so you don’t have to settle for plain old beige. They are easy to clean, but you should clean according to the manufacturer recommendations to extend the life of your cabinets.


Veneer kitchen cabinets can add depth and warmth while still giving you that modern feel. Initially, a European trend veneer cabinets made their way across the ocean to become one of the latest and most popular trends. This slab style with a wood veneer finish give a natural look and feel to the kitchen, the grain of the wood shows through beautifully that’s why these are so popular.

Be careful when buying veneer cabinets, you want a high-quality cabinet. The cheaper discount brands can be very poorly built with the laminate peeling and chip over time. You don’t want to have to replace these cabinets right away so speak to your kitchen contractor about which brands are the best choice for you.

Upgrade Your Kitchen with New Cabinets

Stainless Steel

These type of cabinets are modern and sleek, similar to stainless steel appliances they work with any decor. These are the stylish and very high end and can easily blend with your existing style.

There are downsides if you have young children in the home be prepared to clean off fingerprints regularly, and they can be prone to scratches. New stainless steel or a burnished nickel can offset the fingerprint problem while still giving you that same look. They are super easy to clean and maintain, and they are extremely durable.

They are a little pricey so work with your contractor and see what options will work with your budget.

Kitchen Cabinets with Floating Shelves

Floating shelves offer you a clean look that is ideal for small kitchens. It is ideal for apartment and condo owner who don’t have a lot of space to work with. They open up the kitchen making it look bigger. Free floating shelves on top with closed cabinets on the bottom, pair them up with a colourful backsplash and your kitchen turns into a showpiece.

These are just some of the options that are available to you when renovating your kitchen. Talk with your contractor then can help you decide what will work best in the space you have. You can also try out the Lowes, kitchen planner.

Drafty Windows are Costing you Money


Drafty Windows are Costing you Money

If you have an older home with old windows, then you know how draughty and cold they can be. Putting up with draughty windows does more than just leave you cold it runs up your energy bill as well. Draughty windows are costing you money. Getting your windows replaced by a window replacement contractor is the ideal solution. If that is not on your budget, there are other solutions too.

Dealing with Windows in a Budget Friendly Way

Everybody wants to keep their homes warm in the winter while staying cooler in the summer but you don’t have to break the bank doing it. There are some easy fixes you can do to keep the draught out.

Cover the Windows with Plastic

The cheapest way to keep the draught out of your home is to cover the windows with clear plastic sheeting. You can apply the plastic by using double sided tape make sure you extend it a couple of inches wider and taller than your window frame. Use your hair dryer on the plastic sheeting for a few minutes to make sure it stays sealed.

This is a cheap and simple method to prevent up to 55% of the heat from your home from going out the window. If you can’t get your hands on clear plastic sheeting, try bubble wrap instead. Put the bubble side facing the window and then hold it in place with double sided tape. Hear is a video showing exactly how to do it.

Reglazing the Windows

You can count on at least 25% of your heat or air conditioning escaping through draughty windows. Another thing you can do to cut down on the utility bills is to try reglazing your windows. Glazing is the putty that seals the window between the wood and the glass; you can try having that reapplied to stop the draughts from coming in. If reglazing the windows doesn’t stop the draught then you’re a problem in the casing, and it’s time to get a contractor in to replace those windows.

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Weatherstripping Your Windows

Weatherstripping your windows is another way you can use to try and keep in the heat or air conditioning when the windows are draughty. It is a short term solution you can use if you can’t afford to have them replaced immediately. Bear in mind this is just a temporary fix and your windows will have to be replaced eventually.

Using Styrofoam

Basement and attic windows that you don’t have to see out of you can just cover them with a one-inch thick sheet of styrofoam. Again these windows will have to be replaced eventually, but if you have a limited budget for window replacement start with the windows in the rooms you spend the most time in.

Draughty windows are costing you money and while replacing them should be your ideal solution sometimes that’s just not possible. These were some cost affordable solutions to get you through until window replacements can be done.


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