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Not everyone can afford to buy a new mattress at the time that one is needed. Even if you have purchased a new bed, you may find that it is firmer or softer than you would like, or you may wish to ensure that your mattress will remain dry and germ-free. The addition of a mattress topper can help with these special needs.

Memory Foam Topper

It is the most popular type of topper by far. It is possible to buy an entirely inexpensive mattress of any variety and add significantly to its comfort level, simply by adding a layer of memory foam on top. Memory foam products are well known for their benefits to those with back problems, so adding layers of foamy comfort could be desirable. These are not too expensive and can be removed in the summer for greater coolness if desired.

One drawback of the standard memory foam pad is that it cannot be machine washed, as ordinarily, this will cause damage to the foam. One way around this problem is to purchase a cover for the pad itself as a protector. The cover can then be machine washed as needed.

Feather And Down Toppers

adding an extra layer never hurtsFeather or down toppers are another choices for night time comfort. They contain varying amounts of animal feathers or down. Depending on a number of feathers or down in the product, the mattress pad may feel either soft or firm, and either may be preferred for a good night’s sleep.

In contrast to other mattress pads, these do not retain body heat. However, allergy sufferers should steer away from mattress protectors filled with this material, as they may tend to aggravate their condition. Another reported downside of this type of topper is that repeated ruffling is needed to re-distribute the filling for use.

Bamboo Topper

get a comfortable bedThose who are concerned about sustainability or who suffer from allergies may prefer to purchase this type of mattress protector. It is quilted and frequently is designed to be fitted to the top of the mattress.

In spite of its bamboo name, the pad is quite comfortable, as it is filled with an alternative down product. Most importantly, it is hypoallergenic, something that is a significant consideration for many.

A mattress topper can serve many different functions at once. Most often it is desired for extra comfort, but modern products also help to keep the bedding dry and clean, while extending the useful life of the mattress itself. For more on mattress toppers, visit this site!


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