Drafty Windows are Costing you Money

If you have an older home with old windows, then you know how draughty and cold they can be. Putting up with draughty windows does more than just leave you cold it runs up your energy bill as well. Draughty windows are costing you money. Getting your windows replaced by a window replacement contractor is the ideal solution. If that is not on your budget, there are other solutions too.

Dealing with Windows in a Budget Friendly Way

Everybody wants to keep their homes warm in the winter while staying cooler in the summer but you don’t have to break the bank doing it. There are some easy fixes you can do to keep the draught out.

Cover the Windows with Plastic

The cheapest way to keep the draught out of your home is to cover the windows with clear plastic sheeting. You can apply the plastic by using double sided tape make sure you extend it a couple of inches wider and taller than your window frame. Use your hair dryer on the plastic sheeting for a few minutes to make sure it stays sealed.

This is a cheap and simple method to prevent up to 55% of the heat from your home from going out the window. If you can’t get your hands on clear plastic sheeting, try bubble wrap instead. Put the bubble side facing the window and then hold it in place with double sided tape. Hear is a video showing exactly how to do it.

Reglazing the Windows

You can count on at least 25% of your heat or air conditioning escaping through draughty windows. Another thing you can do to cut down on the utility bills is to try reglazing your windows. Glazing is the putty that seals the window between the wood and the glass; you can try having that reapplied to stop the draughts from coming in. If reglazing the windows doesn’t stop the draught then you’re a problem in the casing, and it’s time to get a contractor in to replace those windows.

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Weatherstripping Your Windows

Weatherstripping your windows is another way you can use to try and keep in the heat or air conditioning when the windows are draughty. It is a short term solution you can use if you can’t afford to have them replaced immediately. Bear in mind this is just a temporary fix and your windows will have to be replaced eventually.

Using Styrofoam

Basement and attic windows that you don’t have to see out of you can just cover them with a one-inch thick sheet of styrofoam. Again these windows will have to be replaced eventually, but if you have a limited budget for window replacement start with the windows in the rooms you spend the most time in.

Draughty windows are costing you money and while replacing them should be your ideal solution sometimes that’s just not possible. These were some cost affordable solutions to get you through until window replacements can be done.


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