Break-ins can take place during any time of night or day. Intruders can execute them quietly and swiftly using tools such as pliers, hammers, crowbars … or even bricks and rocks.

Break-in statistics

avoid burglars and break insHere are some important statistics when it comes to break-ins:
Summer months record the highest number of window burglaries/break-ins
More than 95% of break-ins need some huge amount of force to break successfully in
Open windows with only a standard, locked, non0-security screen (cloth window screen) are precisely inviting to burglars/thieves because of quiet, easy and quick access
Protecting the openings around your facility’s perimeter is of utmost importance. Therefore, regarding glass protection, why should you opt for security screens in comparison to burglar bars for doors and windows?

Here are the three most important reasons that should inform such a decision:


Security screen – With its narrow sightline, it blends flawlessly and perfectly with building design — resembles a standard cloth window screen or a storm door

Burglar bars – They have a prison life feel and appearance — they give the impression that resembles high-crime areas. In the end, they reduce property value and block views to outside


Security screen – They provide simple exit option in case of an emergency such as fire

Burglar bars – Most of the burglar bar systems are usually fixed. Opening them from the inside is quite tricky. This just means that they pose a very serious life-safety risk.


Security screen – These screens are made of non-corrosive aluminium framing members

Burglar bars – Most of them are made of steel — which can corrode or rust


Security screens provide a heavy duty form of protection against many forms of entry used by criminals. In the long run, they are certainly cost effective. When compared to burglar bars, there is no doubt that security screens win hands down. Use them today to add some cushion of protection for purposes of safety in your home.

Example of a real test:

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