Upgrade Your Kitchen with New Cabinets

The kitchen is often the heart of your home and it is the space most often renovated and the first place a potential homeowner looks at. A great kitchen alone can sell your home, and a big part of what makes your kitchen great are the cabinets that are installed. You can upgrade your kitchen with new cabinets and here are some of the latest styles you can talk to your kitchen contractor about installing in your home.


If you want a bright coloured modern kitchen then lacquered is the way to go. These types of cabinets have multiple layers of shiny lacquer in rich colours. Wax and polish seal in the beautiful colours, it also makes them durable and very scratch resistant. However, the can chip so lacquer might not be the best choice for young families.

For the urbanite or condo dweller, they can give you a comfortable modern looking kitchen. You have endless options for colours, so you don’t have to settle for plain old beige. They are easy to clean, but you should clean according to the manufacturer recommendations to extend the life of your cabinets.


Veneer kitchen cabinets can add depth and warmth while still giving you that modern feel. Initially, a European trend veneer cabinets made their way across the ocean to become one of the latest and most popular trends. This slab style with a wood veneer finish give a natural look and feel to the kitchen, the grain of the wood shows through beautifully that’s why these are so popular.

Be careful when buying veneer cabinets, you want a high-quality cabinet. The cheaper discount brands can be very poorly built with the laminate peeling and chip over time. You don’t want to have to replace these cabinets right away so speak to your kitchen contractor about which brands are the best choice for you.

Upgrade Your Kitchen with New Cabinets

Stainless Steel

These type of cabinets are modern and sleek, similar to stainless steel appliances they work with any decor. These are the stylish and very high end and can easily blend with your existing style.

There are downsides if you have young children in the home be prepared to clean off fingerprints regularly, and they can be prone to scratches. New stainless steel or a burnished nickel can offset the fingerprint problem while still giving you that same look. They are super easy to clean and maintain, and they are extremely durable.

They are a little pricey so work with your contractor and see what options will work with your budget.

Kitchen Cabinets with Floating Shelves

Floating shelves offer you a clean look that is ideal for small kitchens. It is ideal for apartment and condo owner who don’t have a lot of space to work with. They open up the kitchen making it look bigger. Free floating shelves on top with closed cabinets on the bottom, pair them up with a colourful backsplash and your kitchen turns into a showpiece.

These are just some of the options that are available to you when renovating your kitchen. Talk with your contractor then can help you decide what will work best in the space you have. You can also try out the Lowes, kitchen planner.

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