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5 Pre/Post-Election Reasons To Insulate Your Home

team of contractors insulating a room

Team of contractors insulating a room

Everyone is watching the candidates that are vying for the Oval Office. But many others are watching what is going on behind the scenes and taking advantage of things that will occur just before or after the next president will be sworn in.
This is the area this article will touch on and show you why you will want to insulate your home around this time and take advantage of the changes as a new administration takes power.

Reason #1: Look at what the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) will do to the quality and cost of Home Insulation

The prices will go down, and the quality will go up. It is due in part to new rules governing “Intellectual Property Rights”, which allow the makers to protect their products from copying and exploitation. Currently, you can buy “knockoff home Insulation from a multitude of sources. However, the president is saying the TPP will pass during the “Lame Duck Session” of Congress.
This will dry up sources of this cheap insulation that is manufactured by some the 12 signatories of the agreement. It means the current patent holders of various insulating materials will squeeze unfair competition out of the market. It will then force a drop across the board in home insulation costs and an increase in quality.

Reason #2: Labour costs will drop

thermal home insulation product

Thermal home insulation product

For the US makers of these materials, the price of labour will drop. This reduction in labour costs and the manufacturer’s savings is expected to be passed down to the consumer.
The whole idea is to shift the making of these products to venues where worker salaries are the lowest. Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, and Chile have some of the lowest wages in the world. The profits will increase for the companies, and current prices are expected to drop.

Reason #3: Import tariffs will go down for Home Insulating materials coming into the country from the 12 nation trading block

It will further lower the cost of Home Insulation. It will be as if the maker were right next store instead of in Malaysia. No adding import taxes will be assessed.
Transportation costs will drop as the amount of overhead on shipping, processing, and billing becomes simplified. Again, this is a win for you the consumer.

Reason #4: An independent tribunal will handle disputes

Many times governments interfere with trade. They use it as bargaining chips in political issues and often conflicts take years to resolve, as the case wends its way through a nation’s legal system. In some Pacific Rim countries, this lends itself to improprieties and graft.

With the TPP, a board will rule on Import/Export issues. It will streamline the flow of the needed materials to insulate your home. The price and quality of what goes into your home will benefit greatly from this simplification of issues that arise between multinational companies and host nation governments.

Reason #5: The TPP bypasses and supersedes regulations and laws that hamper “Free Trade.”

Centuries of pork-barreling and special interests have created a complicated and obsolete trade environment. It has resulted in Americans having to pay excessive costs to get things like Home Insulation.

Installation of Fiberglass Insulation

Installation of Fiberglass Insulation

These old laws have been made moot when the TPP is enacted. A follow-on pact for the Atlantic side Nations is coming online as well. (Trans-Atlantic Investment and Trade Partnership) These agreements will lower your overall insulation costs, and this means savings for you the consumer.

So, you see the Presidential Election is not just about whether a business person or the first woman will become president. Vital issues such as trade will change the landscape of our nation, and one area is the insulation of your home, which will save you big bucks.

These include tax incentives, energy costs, and making sure your home in sync with the environmental laws and regulations. Laws/rules designed to combat climate change and “Global Warming.”

Home Insulation can bring you a more comfortable home environment, as well as protect the environment for future generations. It also can have far-reaching cost benefits. So, you will want to watch for them for in the next few months leading up to and after the coming election in November.

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