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Energy Savings at Home



With oil prices rising, something we all want is to be able to save money on energy costs. There are several ways to do this, using LED light bulbs, setting the thermostat to warmer or cooler depending on the season, and making sure there aren’t any areas where the cold or warm air is escaping.

Energy savings with LED bulbs?

change-your-light-bulbsYes, you can save money with LED bulbs. LED bulbs use 1/10th of the energy that standard bulbs do, and 1/2 of the power that CFL (more commonly known as fluorescent) bulbs do.

A LED bulb pays for itself within a year after installation, and can save you 100s over the life of the bulb.

How does changing the setting of my thermostat help me with energy savings? Our climate control, our A/C and heaters, are huge consumers of energy, so by reducing how much it needs to work, energy is saved.

The recommended settings are; during the summer 78 degrees and the winter 68 degrees. If these numbers are too warm or cold for you, you can still benefit from changing your thermostat as high and as low as you can. By changing your thermostat, you’re looking at savings of 10% or more.

Avoid Leaks

Reducing leaks in our homes is something most of us don’t think about, but it’s something that needs thinking about to save energy.

Windows and doors are all weak points in how weather proof our houses are, this means that those areas are where we need to focus on keeping our climate controlled air in the house where we want it. Putting weather seals on doors that aren’t used very often is a good way to prevent air from leaking around the door.

Windows are another big one.Windows are a fraction of the thickness of the walls and glass is a better conductor then house walls. There are several ways to help prevent windows from letting the hot or cold in; one way is thermal curtains also known as blackout curtains.

A word of caution, not all blackout curtains are thermal curtains if you decide to buy blackout curtains, please make sure that they’re also thermal curtains. The next product is a film you put on the windows that help keep the sun out, and also keeps the cold from coming in during the winter.


Wash your cloth at lower temperatures!

Saving energy is possible, with a few small changes you are well on your way to saving energy.

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