Steam cleaning is a popular and efficient method of disinfecting surfaces, loosening stubborn dirt, and eliminating mould. It uses extremely hot jets of steam to loosen dirt and grime from surfaces, which can then be wiped away.
The cleaning is deep and efficient and can be done without the use of chemicals. Further, individuals with allergies tend to appreciate steamers for their ability to rid the home of mould and germs.

With a wide variety of products on the market, it can be difficult to determine which steamer is best suited to your needs. Here is a list of the top five steamers in 2016.

Best Steam Cleaners

5) Soniclean Handheld Steamer


soniclean-handheld-steamerThis product is a handheld steamer, perfect for touching up tough spots around the house on a variety of surfaces. It may not replace an upright steamer for cleaning large surfaces, but it is a fantastic tool for smaller areas.

It is a very light steamer, at just over 3 pounds. That means your arms will not be burning while cleaning the house. For such a small and portable steamer, it produces a surprising amount of steam. It heats in minutes and has a respectable water tank (over 200 mL), so it will perform well when cleaning bedrooms or bathrooms.

Highlight – Overheating Protection

This product has built-in overheating protection, meaning the steamer will turn off if the heat becomes too great. While this feature is excellent for preventing damage to the material being cleaned, it also provides great peace of mind knowing that it is a safe product.

4) Vileda Steam Mop


vileda-steam-mopThis mop is a bare-bones cleaner. That may sound unappealing, but many users love the simplicity of this product compared to others that boast dozens of attachments and settings. For simple cleaning of hard floors, this mop is an excellent choice for the low cost. It is an upright cleaner with a comfortable handle. It lacks the versatility of some other cleaners, but it is effective at what it does.

Highlight – Convenience

This steamer is built for simplicity and easy use. It heats in seconds and has a great 400 mL water tank for extended cleaning. An added benefit is easy storage; this steamer is thin and can be tucked away without a dock to hold it upright.

3) Hoover MaxExtract All-Terrain


hoover-maxextract-all-terrainA steamer built to handle a broad range of cleaning tasks, the MaxExtract is perfect for anyone looking to purchase one steamer to handle many surfaces. Aside from effective cleaning, this product also takes much of the work out of cleaning. For detergent users, this steamer will automatically mix the proper amount of detergent with the water. It comes equipped with a rinse feature to ensure there is no leftover detergent on the floor.

Highlight – Quality on Multiple Surfaces

With two brush settings for carpet or hard floor, this steamer can handle just about every task needed for a good house cleaning. It is especially useful for the more stubborn jobs, with a powerful and effective stream of vapour.

2) Bissel Vac & Steam


bissel-vac-steamA unique product, the Vac & Steam combines a steamer and vacuum in one convenient item. As such, users may find this to be a heavier unit. However, it is loved for being effective on carpet or floors, and for having a very comfortable ergonomic design.

Highlight – Time Saver

By combining the vacuum and steamer, this is a product that will appeal to anyone who prefers steam cleaning for hard surfaces and vacuuming for the carpet. Further, it can perform both functions at once, which provides a spotless clean for every room. As a bonus, it heats in under a minute, allowing your cleaning to start earlier and finish earlier.

1) McCulloch MC1275


mcculloch-mc1275For a well-rounded cleaner that will handle every room in the house and more, the MC1275 is an excellent choice. It has great power and delivers whether cleaning carpet, tile, furniture, counter-tops, or other surfaces. All of these surfaces can be handled in a single cleaning, as this steamer can provide 45 minutes of continuous steam. It is reasonably priced, and excellent value for the money.

Highlight – Versatility

This steam cleaner comes with ten attachments to suit every need and task. Among others, there is a squeegee, brush for upholstery and scrubbing, and a nozzle for extended reach. It is perfect for any surface, whether in the house, garage, or workplace.


Steamers are an effective way to clean a variety of surfaces without the use of chemicals. However, various steamers are better suited to different tasks. Handheld steamers are useful for smaller jobs, while heavy-duty units are ideal for dirty floors and garages. Some, like the McCulloch MC1275, can actually clean a wide variety of surfaces, which make them perfect for most buyers.

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