Pests such as rodents and insects are not something that you will want to see in your garden. Different types of pests will invade your garden at different times of the year, but there are steps that you can take all year round to make your garden less attractive to pests.

Don’t Leave Rubbish To Build Up

All sorts of pests will be attracted to the smell that decaying rubbish gives off. A pile of rubbish in your garden can attract anything from cockroaches to foxes. Ensure that all bins are sealed after you have placed garbage in them and that there is no way for pests to get in.

Keep Bird Food In A Feeder

rodents-are-a-real-threat-to-yoru-homeIf you want to feed birds over the winter months, then make sure all food is kept in a proper bird feeder. Just throwing leftover food onto the ground will attract insects and rodents as well as birds. A bird feeder that is located off the ground will help to ensure that it is only birds that are benefiting from the food that you have put out for them.

Keep Compost Covered

The smell of compost is just as attractive to pests as the smell of rubbish and so similar measures need to be taken. If you have a composting bin, then this should be kept sealed at all times so nothing can get inside it. Always make sure that the lid is on securely, and it is not just resting on the top.

Cover The Soil That Surrounds Plants

Laying a sheet of shiny foil over the soil where you have things planted is very effective at repelling pests. The polished surface is very reflective, and this can help scare off any birds that may be trying to get to your plants. If the foil is laid flat on the ground, then this can also prevent any larger pests from being able to dig around the base of your plants.

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