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I am Barbara, renovator, design enthusiast, house flipper, DIY fanatic and wannabe real estate mogul.

Barbara BrundageFlipping houses allows me to earn a living while fulfilling my passion for renovation and design.  I love taking old houses and breathing new life into them.  I like the craftsmanship of turn of the century homes…but with all the modern conveniences.

A house must have “good bones” everything else, like the plumbing, electrical, paint, porches or whatever can be fixed.  Don’t forget design, good design is as much a part of renovating a home as good plumbing.

Not all of us are lucky enough to move into our dream house the first time out.  Most of us have to fix things until we have them the way we want.  I can help with experienced advice on how to do that.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy the read!


Barbara Brundage
73 Hodgson St
Queensland 4370

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