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Commercial building design ideas

Commercial building design ideas in 2020!

In the competitive world of today having a fabulous commercial building is as important as creating a reputed brand. But the thing is that so many MNCs are coming up on a daily basis and it becomes very tough to match their commercial building design ideas. The thing becomes more critical when one doesn’t have a high budget. While constructing a building for your organization consider that what your client will observe while entering into the building. We are not going to make things more critical as we are here to make it feasible. So let’s have a look at vital tips to construct a gorgeous commercial building.

Tips for building exterior!


The first thing is that the windows of commercial buildings need to be durable and properly ventilated. Large and expensive windows from the floor up to the ceiling have the strength to give a unique touch to your commercial building. Rectangular white-paned windows will be the more ideal and traditional option.

Impact of light:

You will need to understand the impact of the light on your building. Soft lights can provide eye-catching looks to your commercial building. It is recommended to compare different lighting designs to choose the best one in order to create a specific aura.

Materials and texture:

So many options are offered for material in the market. So it has become very tough to choose the best one. You have to pick the most durable and aesthetic option. One more thing that needs to pay attention to is that the designs of texture need to reflect your brand personality. For this, you can consult with a professional architecture to avoid costly mistakes.


It is going to be very tough to decide what the right color for your office exterior is. As compared with the interior, it needs better color ideas for the exterior. Do not go with any high contrast color. In our opinion whether the lighter one or the darker one will be the best. On the other hand, it is good to avoid combinations of color to get a decent look.

Entrance logo:

Each organization has its own colors, texture, and logos to represent their brand. It is one the best commercial building design ideas to construct a logo of your brand at the entrance door. It will provide a professional look to your commercial building and at the same time, it promotes your brand.

Measure needs:

For commercial building design, you have to check and measure your needs. Make a list of what kind of things or elements can attract positive energies to create a clean and fresh environment in your commercial building. Such as a small park, trees with the walls, encouraging statues in the middle of the park, etc. it is because everyone loves to work in a positive environment. According to space, you can create the list in order to increase positivity.

Money saver tips!


Pre-planning is such a beneficial process for any cause. It is very essential to make a proper plan on a paper before getting into the task. Pre-planning needs to be done before at least one or two months of starting the project. It is because one will get enough time to compare the market standard rates of raw material and other essential elements.

Get ideas from different sources:

It is very essential to collect a bunch of ideas of different designs and compare the best one according to your budget and desire. In order to collect ideas, one can have a meeting with well-known architects of their city and also take help from the internet.

Go with the most affordable option:

We don’t mean the cheapest one is affordable. An affordable product refers to the terms which are efficient to fulfill the needs and don’t cost more than its features and specialties. Only an expensive thing is the best one, it is such a false thought. That one product which costs according to our budget and has the capability to fulfill desires is the affordable one. Therefore look for the most affordable raw materials and designing ideas for your commercial building.

Bottom lines!

Apply the above-discussed tricks while constructing a commercial building. If you will adopt these commercial building design ideas than we assure you that you are going to give a tough competition to your competitor.

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